What We Do

The FTPC primary activity is in support of growing NC global business opportunities. Working with the public and private sector we bridge the divide and integrate the resources available to connect your business with new opportunities for sales. Working with individuals, corporations both large and small and county and municipal governments in demystifying the maze of confusion around global trade. We promote growth of trade between North Carolina and the world by providing education, consulting, networking opportunities and advocacy for North Carolina companies engaged in exporting, importing, supporting global trade activities and foreign investment.

We help develop the strategy for you that answers questions and put into place a plan of action:

  • Why Export?
  • Where do I go for advice?
  • How do I get paid?
  • Finding buyers for your products
  • Research: Learn how to find buyers, agents and distributors for your products or expand your global opportunities now
  • What Services do I need?
  • Making the sale
  • Financing the deal with private sector money
  • Export regulations, controls and logistics and FTZ
  • After the sale… then what?
  • Ten Mistakes to avoid like the plague!!!
NC Foreign Trade Promotion Council

Benefits of FTPC Membership:

  • Education and Training
  • State and Federal Export Resources
  • Foreign Trade Zones and Applications
  • Consulting
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Cross Cultural Competence and Business Culture Classes
  • Networking
  • Foreign investors
  • Foreign Sales Connections
  • Current Export Successes
  • Washington DC Access
  • Trade Financing Assistance and Guidance
  • Export Events and Trade Shows

Sponsorship Opportunities of Conference’s and Special Events are available which offer marketing and promotions benefits that include:

  • Advertising your business/Booth Set-up
  • Networking / Generate New Leads
  • Panel Participation
  • Guest Speakerships
  • Advertisement in statewide and global export publications

Let the NC FTPC Help your Business

Companies involved in international trade are financially stronger and more competitive in the marketplace and within the local, state and national economy, expanding their business and adding new jobs. In industrial economies and the emerging countries, there are business opportunities for a wide variety of NC products and services. There are trade opportunities within and beyond this country’s shores that could multiply your company’s income many times over.

and experience how we can grow globally!