networkingThe FTPC promotes growth of trade between North Carolina and the world by providing education, consulting, networking opportunities and advocacy for North Carolina companies engaged in exporting, importing and supporting global trade activities and foreign investment. FTPC is all about “Growing North Carolina Companies Globally”
 The idea for the FTPC grew out of a desire to better utilize the global trade resources in NC, both public and private and also to enhance the use of the Port of Wilmington and the Wilmington International Airport in conjunction with trade organizations across the state, Federal and private.

As a member of FTPC, you join other successful world traders across the State who stands ready to share their ideas, experiences, and suggestions with you. If you are already trading on a global scale, this is an opportunity to utilize more effectively the resources of private industry, state, and federal government agencies to broaden your market sphere. The FTPC is the perfect environment for “international networking” and thus is a leading source of vital and timely information and contacts.

The FTPC board is connected to all the organizations and business groups in the state focused on creating a sense of urgency for coordinating and communicating successful strategies and sharing key global contacts for job growth. Companies involved in international trade are financially stronger and more competitive in the marketplace and within the local, state and national economy, expanding their business and adding new jobs. In industrial economies and the emerging countries, there are business opportunities for a wide variety of products and services. There are trade opportunities for within and beyond this country’s shores that could multiply your company’s income many times over. Tap into the network of executives and global business professionals in the FTPC Executive Committee and Board and let us share our network with you.

The FTPC is here to work with you and your business to grow Globally.

About The Foreign Trade Promotion Council (FTPC) is a private not for profit 501(C)3 organization, who’s vision is to facilitate the communications and coordination of private, state, local and Federal trade resources to educate private businesses about the opportunities available to grow their business. The goal is to bring all public and private resources together to make North Carolina a leader in international trade. Contact: