Our Mission

FTPC_logo with words2The FTPC promotes growth of trade between North Carolina and the world by providing education, consulting, networking opportunities and advocacy for North Carolina companies engaged in exporting, importing, supporting global trade activities and foreign investment. FTPC is all about “Growing North Carolina Business Globally.” The idea for the FTPC grew out of a desire to better utilize the global trade resources in NC, both public and private and also to enhance the use of the Port of Wilmington and the Wilmington International Airport in conjunction with trade organizations across the State, Federal and Private sectors.

To that end, the FTPC is taking a lead in expanding the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) system in NC. A Foreign Trade Zone is like a “duty free” zone for businesses. FTZ is described as a geographical area at or near a U.S. Port of Entry where commercial merchandise is treated by U.S. Customs as if it were “outside the commerce of the United States.” The FTPC has worked with the NC Department of Transportation in designating the new FTZ under a new law creating an Alternative Site Framework (ASF) status for NC that now covers 22 NC counties, offering an increased advantage in location, ease of permitting, tax advantages and site selection for companies conducting importing and exporting. The FTPC board and all the organizations and business groups in the state that we work with are focused to create a sense of urgency for coordinating and communicating successful strategies and sharing key global contacts for job growth. Companies involved in international trade are financially stronger and more competitive in the marketplace and within the local, state and national economy, expanding their business and adding new jobs. In industrial economies and the emerging countries, there are business opportunities for a wide variety of products and services. There are trade opportunities within and beyond this country’s shores that could multiply your company’s income many times over. Join the FTPC and lets all work together to grow global trade and create new jobs.