Are you prepared to meet the challenge to grow your business globally?

FTPC will assist you with its Mentoring service which is led by experienced global executives. Mentoring provides guidance, advice and knowledge of resources to assist you in developing a plan to profitably take your products and services to new international markets.

We’ll get started with insight on your questions such as:

What foreign markets should be targeted?

How do you sell in the target markets?

Are your products and services ready for international customers?

How do you determine your product’s landed cost in a new country?

How do you learn about the required logistics paperwork?

What financial and legal services do you need?

What are the advantages of operating in a Free Trade Zone (FTZ)?

Go Global – Start Today!

Mentoring is available to businesses throughout North Carolina.

Please contact Foreign Trade Promotion Council at or call +1 910 452 5861.