Welcome to the NC Foreign Trade Promotion Council!

The FTPC is working with organizations and companies across the state in a joint effort to support job creation and sustainable growth through expanding global trade. Our mission, Growing NC Businesses Globally, is focused on coordinating with regional, state, federal, and private sector partners on business recruitment, small business start-ups, export education, and other relevant global trade issues. We aim to be a partner that leads the way to front-line action.

We are organized around the expertise of our Board of Directors, understanding policy that influences trade, utilizing the Foreign Trade Zone #214 to maximum capacity, and reaching out to the interested business person who needs streamlined access to the world of global trade. Come join the FTPC as we take North Carolina business around the world!

Board of Directors

The FTPC has created a Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds, wide-ranging international expertise, contacts, know-how and first-hand experience in growing and supporting global initiatives. Our Board and Executive Council Level members include professionals’ from the financial and banking sector, higher education, state and federal levels of government, domestic and international shipping, as well as current business owners engaged in global trade. Our goal is to use their expertise to grow your business or engage your municipality in the expanding arena of export opportunities we are experiencing in NC.

Benefits of FTPC Membership:

  • Education and Training
    • State and Federal Export Resources
    • Foreign Trade Zones and Applications
    • Consulting
    • Conferences and Workshops
    • Cross Cultural Competence and Business Culture Classes
  • Networking
    • Foreign investors
    • Foreign Sales Connections
    • Current Export Successes
    • Washington DC Access
  • Trade Financing Assistance and Guidance
  • Export Events and Trade Shows

Membership Opportunities

Organizations, individuals, corporations, and municipalities have the unique opportunity to become members in the FTPC. We are looking for active participants who want to enter and grow with the world of global trade- please join us!

  • Individual $ 150
  • Corporate
    1. Corporate Executive Level $5000
      Free attendance at annual conference for 4 employees, logo placement in all annual conference publications, logo placement on “THANK OUR SPONSORS” board set up at annual conference, booth set up at annual conference and URL link on web site
    2. Corporate Small Business Level $1,500
      For small and new to export companies: Free attendance at annual conference for 2 employees, logo placement in all annual conference publications and URL link on web site.
  • County Government $2500
    Free attendance at annual conference for 3 employees
  • City Government $2500
    Free attendance at annual conference for 3 employees. If County in which a City resides is already a member of the FTPC, the municipality will get a 25% discount off the regular $2500 membership fee ($1875)
  • Non-Profits $1000
  • Students $25

Sponsorship Opportunities of Conference’s and Special Events are available which offer marketing and promotions benefits that include:

  • Advertising your business/Booth Set-up
  • Networking / Generate New Leads
  • Panel Participation
  • Guest Speakerships
  • Advertisement in statewide and global export publications.

Please inquire if your organization is interested in these opportunities.