Bank Execs Discuss Doing Business Among National, Global Challenges

Two JPMorgan Chase & Co. executives joined local business and community leaders in a discussion about the economy and some of the trade challenges in the global marketplace. Jim Glassman, managing director and head economist for …

Leland Business Park Could Become Foreign Trade Zone [StarNews]

A group is working to breathe new life into the Leland Industrial Park.

The 600-acre park is already home to several successful businesses — Victaulic, Bradford Products, Tritech Forensics and Coca-Cola, to name a few — and it houses Brunswick Community College’s Business Incubator.

May 2019 Trade Deficit Report

The nation’s international trade deficit in goods and services increased to $55.5 billion in May from $51.2 billion in April (revised), as imports increased more than exports.

May 2019: 55.5° $ billion
April 2019 (r): 51.2° $ billion

March 2019 Trade Data Report

The nation’s international trade deficit in goods and services increased to $50.0 billion in March from $49.3 billion in February (revised), as imports increased more than exports.

March 2019: 50.0° $ billion
February 2019 (r): 49.3° $ billion

February 2019 Trade Deficit Report

The nation’s international trade deficit in goods and services decreased to $49.4 billion in February from $51.1 billion in January (revised), as exports increased more than imports.

February 2019: 49.4° $ billion
January 2019 (r): 51.1° $ billion

British consul: post-Brexit trade deals could bolster North Carolina economy

The United Kingdom is an important trading partner for North Carolina, so the ultimate nature of the U.K.’s exit from the European Union could have consequences for the state.

That was one point that Andrew Terrell emphasized in a talk he gave Monday to a roomful of business, education and local government leaders in Wilmington City Council Chambers at City Hall. Terrell, the new U.K. Consul for Government & Prosperity and head of the new U.K. Government Office in Raleigh, made his presentation under the auspices of Wilmington’s Foreign Trade Promotion Council (FTPC).

4 things to know about ILM’s trade zone

As of September, 150 acres of land at the Wilmington International Airport is part of an expanded foreign trade zone, adding to the Port of Wilmington. The region will also benefit from this expansion, as magnet sites, like the airport, have the ability to expedite...

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Wilmington – Trading With The World

Wilmington has positioned itself to play a critical role in increasing the region’s global trade with the rest of the world. That was the sentiment at a recent foreign trade conference in the Port City on Oct. 12 organized by the Foreign Trade Promotion Council...

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Welcome to a Newer, Bigger, Better Trade Zone

Foreign trade between North Carolina and the world is expected to increase, with the recent expansion of Foreign Trade Zone 214, and all that FTZ 214 promises across the 22 counties it includes in the southeastern part of the state. That was the big topic of...

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Foreign Trade Zone: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

An expanded Foreign Trade Zone #214 is now an approved reality for eastern North Carolina. The U.S. Foreign Trade Zone Board has signed off on the application to expand the FTZ and change the zone from a traditional model to the newer, more flexible Alternative Site...

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UPS Opens Up Export Competition To Area Businesses

BY JENNY CALLISON UPS has launched a competition that could provide export assistance to area businesses interested in expanding to global markets. The $10,000 X-Port Challenge was announced this week by Wilmington’s Foreign Trade Promotion Council (FTPC), which is...

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$10,000 X-PORT CHALLENGE – Join Today !!!

The Foreign Trade Promotion Council (FTPC) is pleased to announce that one of our member companies, UPS, has launched a contest that will allow potential new exporters to get $10,000 in free export services from UPS. They will also get the chance to...

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